Compact Rolling Doors

White Compact Rolling Doors

Avon Garage Doors has developed a compact electric insulated rolling garage door. Constructed from insulated pre-coated aluminium sections running in vertical side guide channels and operated through a powerful 240v integral motor, the main feature of the compact version is the reduced space requirement for installation of the door at the head of the opening, this and narrower side guides allows a rolling door to be fitted where it was not previously possible.

Operation is by means of remote control with 2 key fobs transmitters as standard, there is an emergency manual override and the doors are fitted with an auto locking mechanism protecting against forced entry.

The doors are offered in a choice of white and brown as standard, other colours and laminated wood grain effects are also possible. We can span openings up to 3.5 meters wide by up to 2.5 meters high. Larger sizes would need to use the standard door.

Compact Inside View

We provide a full 2 year warranty on all our garage doors which are manufactured in our Yate workshop, they are compliant with EU Health and Safety legislation, fitted with anti-fallback devices where required and CE plated to confirm this.

Installation is carried out by our own employed qualified engineers assuring you of a quality job from the initial free site survey through to installation and after sales service.

Brown Compact Garage Door
  • Vertical opening saves space on your drive and allows more room in your garage
  • Reduced space requirement allows installation where not previously possible
  • Double walled aluminium construction with insulated core
  • Quiet in operation, minimal maintenance
  • Remote control operation with automatic locking for maximum convenience
  • 2-year warranty on parts and workmanship
  • Installation by direct employed engineers
  • Free survey and quotation


  • Battery backup (UPS)
  • External key switch
  • Additional Handsets
  • Photoelectric safety beam
  • Courtesy light on opening
  • External manual override
  • Numeric keypad control