Rolling Garage Doors

Garage Door

Avon's insulated rolling garage door combines the ease of powered operation with the advantage of smooth vertical opening action so no space is lost inside or outside the garage while the door travels up and down.

Additionally unlike traditional garage doors the Avon door coils up into a neat roll at the top of the doorway, freeing up room in the roof of the garage. Double wall aluminium construction provides excellent strength, the polyurethane foam core and brush edge seals reduce heat loss as well as reducing noise. These rolling doors come as standard with "Auto Locking" that operates when the door is fully closed, there are no handles on the outside that can be tampered with or that provide a leverage point for would be intruders.

Garage Door

It is our belief that your garage door should be manufactured to the highest specification and to this end we include powerful Somfy motors that run at up to 50% faster than other motors, opening or closing at 7' (2.1M) door in under 14 seconds, Rollixo controls with a diagnostic display, 2 handsets each capable of operating up to 4 doors, a wireless optical safe edge to stop the door and reverse should it meet an obstruction when closing, an LED courtesy light, internal push button control, emergency manual winding handle and an anti fall-back safety brake. Also included is a 97 decibel alarm that sounds should someone try to force entry by lifting the door, this is all backed by a 5 year warranty.

White Garage Door

There's a choice of colour, 24 long life colour finishes including some Wood Grain effects but as standard doors are offered in white.

The Avon Insulated rolling garage doors are all made to measure and can span up to a 5.5 metre width and maximum height of 3 metres.

We offer a free and no obligation quotation service and installation is completed by one of Avon's directly employed fitting teams enabling us to provide a full 2-year warranty.

  • Vertical opening saves space on your drive and allows more room in your garage
  • Double walled aluminium construction, gives strength and durability yet can be easily repaired
  • Insulated curtain with brush seals gives protection against cold and noise
  • Quiet in operation, minimal maintenance
  • Somfy motors & controls with wireless optical safety edge to the bottom of the door.
  • Built in alarm 97 decibels
  • Remote control operation with 2 handsets
  • Auto locking for maximum convenience
  • 5-year warranty on parts and workmanship
  • Installation by direct employed engineers
  • Free survey and quotation


  • Battery backup (UPS)
  • External key switches
  • Additional Handsets
  • Photoelectric safety beam
  • Courtesy light on opening
  • External manual override
  • Numeric keypad control